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Our Customer Testimonials

<span> , Mansfield</span>
"The Correct Hearing Team always adopt a warm and friendly attitude which combines with efficient, high quality care, to ensure I enjoy the best hearing experience possible. Frequent follow-up appointments ensure continuous reliability, maintenance and aural health. The knowledge, levels of skill and understanding all combine to provide a consistent high quality level of service. They are excellent."
- Mr. Childs , Mansfield
<span> , Sutton-on-Trent, Notts</span>
"I am very happy to be able to commend the wide range of services provided by Correct Hearing. Since being diagnosed as deaf they have enabled me to keep connected to the world around me. The advice they have given has been jargon-free, simple to understand and precise. They have never been too busy to answer my queries at any time, however inconvenient. Servicing of the hearing aids has always been top-class."
- Gordon Ellis , Sutton-on-Trent, Notts
"The Correct Hearing team in Carlton is a small and highly professional one which uses the very latest technology to deliver a high quality product and give superb service to its customers at competitive prices. Their care and attention is unstinting and their excellence is reflected in the continuous growth of their practice and customer base. They come, quite properly, highly respected and recommended."
- Colin
"It was a conversation with a friend that first took me to Correct Hearing some six years ago. Like me he was deaf and had done the rounds of various Hearing Centres. When he told me about the professional care and attention that he had received on his first visit to you that really impressed me. So with nothing to lose I duly rang to make an appointment and from then on I would never contemplate going anywhere else. Everything that I was told is perfectly true, the professional and friendly way you have looked after me is fantastic nothing is to much trouble and the courtesy that you have extended to me and my wife Anne on our visits is really appreciated. For me Correct Hearing have been the best I know because I have tried the rest."
- Larry & Anne Edwards
<span> , Wollaton</span>
"A warm welcome to put you at ease for a very difficult job. Superb professional service."
- Miss Armitage , Wollaton
<span> , Clifton</span>
"Service and quality are second to none – I would recommend to all."
- Mr Tring , Clifton
<span> , NG16</span>
"As a friend of an elderly customer I accompanied her to her appointment – I cannot give enough praise for the lovely people at Correct Hearing."
- Mrs Martin , NG16
<span> , Notts</span>
"They could not do any more than they did – absolutely brilliant!"
- Mr Davies , Notts
"High quality performance and superb service!"
- Mr Playle
<span> , West Bridgford</span>
"I am very pleased with the service and attention I received."
- Mr Young , West Bridgford
<span> , Lincoln</span>
"Superb in every respect."
- Mr Jukes , Lincoln
"Excellent quality and after sales service!"
- Mr and Mrs Beaumont
"Very good service."
- Mr Lovett

Testimonial Note for Correct Hearing

I have a profound hearing loss which began over 40 years ago when I was in my early thirties and has deteriorated over the years to the present condition. Until 18 months ago I was a full time Baptist Minister and I am still active in this regard today. In such a role it is very important that I can hear what people are saying to me, often of a very confidential nature and many times in a noisy environment.

Until some 5 – 6 years ago I relied totally on the NHS to provide hearing care but there is a limit to what they can provide. When I first went to Correct Hearing I had doubts whether they could help me. The first visit introduced me to a very professional team all of whom made sure I was put at ease. The first consultation was reassuring and I ordered a new aid.

Over the years nothing has been too much trouble for the team. They fully appreciate my needs in my role as a Baptist Minister and I am aware that because of my profound hearing loss they have often rescheduled their plans to ensure I have an early appointment.

There have been times when the aids have failed or I have needed new moulds and the liaison with the manufacturer has been excellent with a quick turn round. I have been offered aids on loan to ensure I can continue to hear.

I have also benefitted from the introduction of new items of equipment and updates to hearing aids. Loans of all of these have been made, and it seems to me the team do this as a matter of routine, so I can test them out in my day to day situations. I haven’t bought all of these products but the team have never pressurized me to do so.

In summary, the service I have received is second to none and both Sarah and Damien have been determined to resolve the little areas of concern with the equipment and to tease out the best possible performance from the aids. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Rev’d John Huffadine

28 August 2015

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