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Types Of Hearing Loss

Anatomy of the Human Ear


Sensorineural hearing loss

Caused by damage to the sensitive hair cells inside part of the inner ear called the cochlea or the auditory nerve; this occurs naturally with age or as a result of injury.

Conductive hearing loss

When sounds are unable to pass from your outer ear to your inner ear, often as the result of a blockage such as earwax, glue ear or a build-up of fluid due to an ear infection, a perforated ear drum or a disorder of the hearing bones.

General signs of hearing loss

Early signs of hearing loss can include:

  • difficulty hearing other people clearly and misunderstanding what they say
  • asking people to repeat themselves
  • listening to music or watching television with the volume turned up high
  • difficulty hearing the telephone or doorbell
  • regularly feeling tired or stressed, due to having to concentrate closely while listening

In some cases, you may recognise signs of hearing loss in someone else before they notice it themselves.

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