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Safe and effective ear wax removal service

We use the microsuction technique of removing ear blockages – it’s the safest and most effective method.

The procedure commonly only takes a few minutes, is completely syringe-free and there is often no need for weeks of softening with oil.

With our video otoscopy we are able to show you detailed images of the ear canal on screen before and after your wax is removed.

There is no need for a referral from your GP – just get in touch to book your appointment and say farewell to that ear wax!

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£50 for one ear | £80 for both

Same-day appointments are available and no GP referral is needed to see us. Please note that if no wax is present there will be a £15 consultation fee

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Our TotalCare hearing care programme entitles you to FREE or discounted ear wax removal services. Find out more HERE

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