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Free Hearing Assessments

It’s so easy to arrange a FREE hearing assessment with us without obligation – it will tell you everything you need to know about your hearing health.

Do you have concerns about what a hearing test involves?

Hearing tests are quick, simple and painless – after your assessment you will learn immediately if you have a hearing problem and what steps you should take to improve your hearing. We would recommend that you allow at least an hour for your appointment with us to ensure we have time to talk through your results. It would also be advisable that a family member or friend be present as a familiar voice can be helpful as part of your check up.

Do I have to see my GP about my hearing loss before seeing Correct Hearing?

It is not necessary to see your Doctor before attending an appointment with us – during your assessment if we feel there are conditions that your GP needs to be aware of we will send the relevant referral letter.

Do you have the equipment to test at home and will there be an extra charge?

There is no extra charge to be seen at home and we have all the very latest portable audiometry equipment to ensure that your results are as precise as they would be in our Hearing Centre.

What does a test involve?

Firstly we would have a brief chat about the health of your ear, your general health and lifestyle. This background will allow us to try and determine the cause and nature of your possible hearing loss. We will then look inside your ear with an otoscope (pictured here) to check the condition of the ear canal.


If all is healthy within your ear we will then complete a full hearing check. This will involve wearing headphones whilst we play a variety of different tones over different frequencies. You will signal to our Audiologist by either raising your hand or pressing a button when you can hear a tone – there is nothing complicated involved and we will of course explain the procedure fully before we begin. The test will produce results in the form of a graph known as an audiogram (shown here).


Once the hearing check is completed we will explain the results with you in detail. Hearing loss is measured in decibels hearing level (db HL) – if you can hear sounds across a range of frequencies at 0-25 dbs your hearing is considered normal.

The thresholds for different types of loss are as follows:

Degree of Hearing Loss Hearing Loss (dB)
Mild 25 – 40
Moderate 41 – 55
Moderately severe 56 – 70
Severe 71 – 90
Profound 90 +


If you are found to have a hearing loss we can advise on the products that best suit your needs, whether you need one or two aids and how you can get the most benefit. With your audiology results we are able to program some of the very latest technology to allow you to experience how the various hearing aids sound and feel and discuss pricing.

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