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Best Hearing Aids for Musicians

One of the biggest challenges musicians face is hearing loss. Whether this is from noise exposure, an accident, or a hindrance from birth, finding the right hearing aid is essential for artists in the music industry. Thankfully, recent advances in hearing aid technology have improved devices for musicians. These are our top choices for the best hearing aids for musicians.

Phonak Audéo Paradise
If you’re a musician and have mild to moderate hearing loss, Phonak Audéo’s Paradise hearing aids are an excellent solution. While these models might look like something from a sci-fi movie (and we mean that in a good way), they can help musicians hear themselves while performing. The in-ear devices provide real-time adaptive feedback based on their wearer’s listening environment, allowing them to hear clear and crisp audio while cutting down on background noise.

Widex Moment
Widex uses various technologies to produce top-rated models, but they all have one thing in common: They work with your ear to make sounds clear. Widex helps you hear easily in situations like concerts and symphony halls where ambient noise can be loud and disorienting.

Signia Styletto X
If you’re looking for a wireless option, then look at Signia’s Styletto X. This high-quality model comes with a rechargeable battery and analogue and Bluetooth connectivity. While you can connect it to any device with an audio jack, the best practice is to pair it with your smartphone to have complete control over volume levels from your phone.

Starkey Livio Custom Edge AI
If you’re a musician who wants to hear music in its full-fledged glory but is also concerned about hearing loss, Starkey’s Livio Custom Edge AI is a hearing aid that might be your best bet. This device makes listening to music more pleasurable than ever before by incorporating technology that mimics how we hear sounds naturally.

When you look at all these hearing aid models for musicians, it’s easy to see why there’s so much confusion about which one is best. But with a bit of research and consideration of your own needs, you should be able to find a model that works well for your lifestyle and musical talents. We can help!

Contact Sarah, Ian and the Correct Hearing team today. We have so many options to help you hear better and our selection above just scratches the surface!