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Common Impact of Earbuds on Your Hearing Ability

Earbuds are one of the most common methods by which we listen to music. One huge benefit we get from earbuds is the ability to concentrate on the song or music, drowning out the world around us. However, sometimes we listen to music through earbuds at excessive volumes. Listening to content at an increased volume regularly can damage our hearing.

Earbuds cannot alone cause hearing loss. Instead, loud music is what causes irreversible damage to your hearing capability. So, apart from the short-term enjoyment you may receive from using earbuds, let’s examine how these devices can affect your hearing loss.

Common Impact of Earbuds on Your Hearing Ability

Here are ways your hearing loss can be affected through the use of earbuds:

Earbuds Can Cause Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

When you use the earbuds for a long time, you subject yourself to a long-term and irreversible injury to your hearing ability. You may develop noise-induced hearing loss, known as a permanent hearing impairment associated with prolonged high volumes of noise.

Loud Music Can Damage Your Hair Cells

Using earbuds to listen to loud music risks damaging the three parts of your ear that work together to process sound. For example, your ears contain the inner ear, the middle ear, and the outer ear, and this part includes tiny hair cells that help to transmit the message to your brain.

The loud noise might harm the hair cells causing the cochlea to be unable to send information to the brain as effectively as it normally would.

On the other hand, you can never repair damage to the inner ear as it can be in other parts of your body. Your hearing will continue to deteriorate over time because more and more of your hair cells will sustain damage.

Earbuds are Likely to Escalate Symptoms of Hearing Loss

You might be experiencing a noise-induced hearing loss which, to some people, takes time to be noticed. However, earbuds might worsen the situation and escalate the symptoms of hearing loss. For example, loud music through the use of earbuds is likely to cause the following problems:

  • Ringing
  • Roaring
  • Buzzing
  • Pinging
  • Muffled sound

Final Thoughts

Make an appointment with your healthcare physician if you suspect that you may be experiencing hearing loss. The doctor may check you and then refer you to an audiologist, a hearing specialist. The audiologist is also able to address your inquiries about the utilisation of earbuds and the safeguarding of one’s hearing.