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How to get the most out your interview when you wear hearing aids

An employer hosting interviews for candidates with hearing loss can provide reasonable adjustments that don’t put the candidates at a substantial disadvantage over others. The concerns that arise when handling candidates with hearing loss include communication, health, and safety in the workplace.
Hearing loss covers a range of people, and their needs vary depending on the severity of the hearing loss. Hard-of-hearing people may choose to use hearing aids, while those who are entirely deaf will use British Sign Language to communicate.

Regardless of your interview type, digital or in person, here are tips for job interviews when you have hearing loss.

1. Use Technology
Technology can help people who struggle with hearing loss. Instead of a phone interview, request a video interview to see the interviewer’s face. Also, many video platforms offer live captions providing you with another tool during your interview.

2. Be Open
Do not shy away from your hearing difficulty; the potential employer needs to make accommodations for you during your interview, even if they are not your employer yet. When you are approached for an interview, notify them of your needs, whether that be a video interview or a sign language interpreter.

3. Request a Quiet Environment
When scheduling your interview, request a quiet environment. Having a quiet environment allows you a better opportunity to hear the interviewer without background noise.

4. Wear Your Hearing Aids
The day of your interview is not the day to skip your hearing aids; make sure they are fully charged and ready to wear during your interview. Even if you prefer not to wear them, you want to interview well, and to do that, you need to hear the other person as best as possible.

5. Sit Across from the Interviewer
When possible, sit directly across from the interviewer to read body language and utilise lip-reading. Lip-reading is essential for filling in the blanks when conversing with the interviewer.

Be in a position where you can maintain eye contact throughout and look for gestures that act as cues to what has been said.
These five tips can help you foster a conducive environment to market your skills as a potential employee. When you have multiple solutions for your hearing loss during a job interview, the solutions will enable you to avoid communication barriers and make you and your interviewer feel comfortable during the interview.

Best of luck in your interview! Contact us at Correct Hearing today for more tips on hearing well in every day life!