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Tempted to buy a hearing aid online? Read this first!

You can buy anything online now, can’t you?

And it’s no surprise that online shopping is continuing to go through the roof. It’s convenient. You can save a bit of money. You can browse different shops and suppliers at the click of a button.

But there are certain things that you shouldn’t buy online.

Like a hearing aid.

A hearing aid is classified in law in the UK as a medical device. It can only be sold and fitted by a qualified Hearing Aid Audiologist who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

There are good reasons why this is the case.

Before any hearing aid is prescribed there needs to be a full assessment, including a range of tests and a full understanding of a person’s hearing environment and lifestyle. Then and only then can a suitable device be recommended.

The device then must be carefully fitted and finely tuned to suit the individual’s need. For many, hearing with their new devices will require rehabilitation over time and considerable support may be required before they provide maximum benefit for the user.  

A hearing healthcare professional uses the technology available to them – but there is so much more to professional hearing care than simply selecting a hearing aid.

Here at Correct Hearing our audiologists are not hearing aid salespeople. They are fully trained, highly qualified and experienced hearing healthcare practitioners.

We are committed to providing the best hearing healthcare service in our region. We provide long-term, ongoing support to all our clients, including regular full hearing assessments and device adjustment – all free of additional charges.

We can advise on and supply a variety of assistive listening devices and provide rehabilitation support if needed.

We’re passionate about caring for every aspect of your hearing health.

Come and see us and find out more. We have clinics in Carlton, Grantham and Southwell. And if you can’t get to us, we’ll come to you.