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4 myths about hearing aids

If you have hearing difficulties and are considering purchasing hearing aids, you may wonder how accurate the myths you’ve heard about them are. Some statements may have been true in older models, but new hearing aids have improved significantly over the years. Let’s debunk four myths about modern hearing aids.

1. Hearing Aids Make You Look Old

Hearing aids are not only for older adults and don’t have to look unfashionable. When you think about hearing aids, you may be thinking of the older, bulkier models that older people wore. However, with modern hearing aids, you have a wider range of design and colour choices. For example, modern hearing aids include:

  • Sleek or elegant designs
  • Compact sizes and discreet fittings
  • Colour ranges to blend with skin tone
  • In-the-ear models that are virtually invisible

2. Hearing Aids Use Out-of-Date Technology

This is no longer the case! Modern hearing aids incorporate computing technology to accommodate your lifestyle and needs. Most modern models have Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect to your phone, tablet, tv, computer, or doorbell. They also have directional microphones, and you can stream high-quality video or take phone calls hands-free. Many modern hearing aids are also rechargeable, so you no longer have to change out the batteries.

3. Hearing Aids Only Make Sounds Louder

Although the primary function of hearing aids is to increase the volume of sounds, today’s modern models can do much more than this. For example, they can:

  • Measure the amplification amount you need based on the quality of the sound and volume.
  • Filter out background noises for clearer hearing.
  • Help you figure out where a sound is coming from with the directional microphone feature.
  • Support other specific hearing conditions, such as tinnitus.

4. Hearing Aids Are Too Expensive

While improvements in hearing aid technology make additional features more expensive, there are still options for financing. You can get certain models for free through the National Health Service (NHS), or ask for payment plan options through your clinic. All-in-all, hearing aids are worth their cost, especially since the longer you wait to get one, the worse your hearing may get. Approach your purchase of a hearing aid as an investment to significantly increase your quality of life.

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