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Do you suspect you have hearing loss?

Are you finding it hard to hear conversations or that you’re turning up the volume of your tv more? There are many reasons why you may be experiencing some hearing difficulties and just as many solutions to help you hear again. Here are four things you can do to turn your situation around and regain your hearing.

1. Book an Appointment with a Hearing Professional
The first step is to figure out precisely what is going on. By booking an appointment for a hearing test, professionals can evaluate your hearing and determine what may be causing your hearing difficulties. From there, you will have a better idea of what to do next, including what other methods on this list are optimal for your situation.

2. Get Hearing Aids and/or support
Sometimes hearing loss is due to damages to your inner ear. In these cases, you may need hearing aids to help you hear again.
Hearing aids are devices that go in or around the outside of your ear and provide sound amplification. They can also have directional microphones or background noise cancellation features.

3. Get an Ear Wax Removal Service
Ear wax exists in your outer ear to protect your middle and inner ear from dust, dirt, bacteria, and infections. Although it is natural, excess build-up of ear wax can cause discomfort and reduce your hearing abilities.
Attempting to dig out the ear wax yourself can be risky. You can damage your ear’s delicate linings or push the wax further inside. It’s best to get ear wax removal services from a professional who is trained to relieve you of any obstructions safely.

4. Maintain Healthy Hearing Habits
There are numerous everyday habits you can adopt to improve your hearing. Here are a few examples:

● Exercise to increase blood flow to your ears, including yoga, walking, and gardening.
● Do hearing exercising to train your brain to locate noises, such as by focusing on specific sounds
● Take supplements to improve hearing, such as magnesium, vitamin B, and zinc.

Final Thoughts
Depending on what type of hearing loss you are experiencing, the appropriateness of the methods above will vary. Always start with booking an appointment with your Correct Hearing Audiologist, who can evaluate your needs and potential solutions.