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A new independent hearing practice in Grantham

hearing aids grantham

You can now get the best independent hearing care and a fabulous range of hearing aids in Grantham at our brand-new practice in the town.

In 2019 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our practice in Carlton, Nottingham, so we were delighted to enter our second decade by opening our second practice for the people of Grantham in 2020 in the town centre’s George Centre.

It’s a new location, but we’re delivering the same fantastic hearing healthcare services that go way beyond the sale and fitting of hearing aids.

As an independent, family-owned practice, you can benefit from our holistigranthamc approach to every aspect of your hearing health. Being truly independent means that we always deliver the right solution that is best for you.

Our TotalCare scheme is also available at our new practice. This is our unique hearing healthcare package that ensures we see you every six months after the fitting of your hearing aids – plus much more. TotalCare is our promise to deliver exceptional ongoing care and attention for you.

And our professional wax removal service is also available at Grantham. You can get troublesome ear wax sorted – safely and effectively – by your qualified hearing healthcare professionals.

You can call the Grantham practice on 01476 249319.