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The Molly Watt Trust – our wonderful charity for 2020

Molly Watt Trust

The gift of hearing is a powerful one. And by supporting the Molly Watt Trust we see just how powerful and precious it can be.

The charity works to raise awareness of Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes both Deafness and retinitus pigmentosa, a form of blindness.

Usher syndrome is a progressive condition and to date there is no cure. It affects both hearing and sight, and for some it also affects balance. The condition leads to communications challenges, mobility issues and can often lead to anxiety and depression for those who live with it.

We worked with the Molly Watt Trust on their Access to Hearing project, which – in association with GN Resound – is creating several case studies on hearing aid users living with Usher Syndrome. Each of the individuals featured in a case study is fitted with smart hearing aids.

This is where we came in.

Usher syndrome

We met Claire Cooper – who has Usher syndrome – and her guide dog Minnie at our Carlton practice. Claire has a severe hearing loss and ‘5 degrees vision’, which means that she has almost no peripheral vision. This makes it difficult, for example, to see approaching traffic from left or right.

We carried out a full hearing assessment for Claire and fitted her with some ReSound LiNX Quattro smart hearing aids.

Molly Watt Trust
Sarah Vokes from Correct Hearing with Claire Cooper during her fitting at our Carlton practice


After the fitting, Claire said: “After a whirlwind day I’d like to thank The Molly Watt Trust for giving me the gift of hearing. Thanks to ReSound and Correct Hearing for supporting me and fitting me with these amazing life-changers.”

The Molly Watt Trust – our 2020 charity of the year

We were delighted to be able to support this wonderful charity, and to have fitted the hearing aids for Claire. We’ll continue to support the Molly Watt Trust throughout 2020 as our Charity of the Year. You can find out more about their work on their website. And you can see videos from our fitting for Claire on the Molly Watt Trust’s Facebook page.

Claire is taking part in the Tough Runner Staffordshire Epic Trail 10k in May 2020 to raise money for the Molly Watt Trust to help more people with Usher syndrome. Please support her if you’re able to by donating to her campaign.