We are OPEN during the second lockdown

  We are OPEN during the second national lockdown. Right at the start of the pandemic, community hearing care services like Correct Hearing were classed as an essential service by the UK Government. As the second national lockdown comes into force, this hasn’t changed. So we’ll be here for you throughout the second lockdown and […]

Saturday appointments now available

  For the first time, you can now come and see us at the weekend! Starting on 3rd October, you can now book an appointment for hearing care and wax removal on a Saturday. We know that many people understandably put their hearing treatment on hold during the first few months of the pandemic. But […]

Hearing care you can trust in the new normal

  DON’T PUT YOUR HEARING ON HOLD Hearing care you can trust in the new normal In-clinic appointments available – with strict safety measures in place New virtual hearing care services – tests, programming and more from the comfort of your own home   We know that many people put their hearing treatment on hold […]

The Molly Watt Trust – our wonderful charity for 2020

The gift of hearing is a powerful one. And by supporting the Molly Watt Trust we see just how powerful and precious it can be. The charity works to raise awareness of Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that causes both Deafness and retinitus pigmentosa, a form of blindness. Usher syndrome is a progressive condition […]

A new independent hearing practice in Grantham

You can now get the best independent hearing care and a fabulous range of hearing aids in Grantham at our brand-new practice in the town. In 2019 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our practice in Carlton, Nottingham, so we’re delighted to enter our second decade by opening our second practice for the people of […]

Lower the risk of dementia – look after your hearing

Hearing is about so much more than sound. A growing body of evidence is demonstrating the links between hearing and our wider health and well-being. One of the starkest is the link between hearing and dementia. An international study in The Lancet – you may have seen it in the media as it was widely […]

Ear wax removal at Correct Hearing

Ear wax removal. When do you need it? Do you need to see your GP (that’s a no, by the way?). Can we sort this for you at Correct Hearing? But first, what is ear wax and why do we have it? It’s something we all have – and for good reason. It protects our […]

Tempted to buy a hearing aid online? Read this first!

You can buy anything online now, can’t you? And it’s no surprise that online shopping is continuing to go through the roof. It’s convenient. You can save a bit of money. You can browse different shops and suppliers at the click of a button. But there are certain things that you shouldn’t buy online. Like […]

Is golf bad for your hearing?

Bear with us on this one… We all know that exposure to loud noises, particularly over time, can damage your hearing, right? This is why noise protectors are worn by those working in noisy conditions. And why we recommend wearing earbuds if you’re at a loud concert. But loud, potentially damaging, noise can come from […]