How have hearing aids changed over the years?

Hearing aid technology has improved significantly over the years. Big and bulky devices are no longer your only option, and you may be surprised about the modern features that exist. Here are a few ways hearing aids have changed over the years. Bluetooth Connectivity One of the most convenient new features of hearing aids is […]

4 myths about hearing aids

If you have hearing difficulties and are considering purchasing hearing aids, you may wonder how accurate the myths you’ve heard about them are. Some statements may have been true in older models, but new hearing aids have improved significantly over the years. Let’s debunk four myths about modern hearing aids. 1. Hearing Aids Make You […]

Come and see us at our August open days

Correct hearing August open days

COME AND SEE US AT OUR SPECIAL SUMMER OPEN DAYS! We’re hosting open days in August at our practices in Nottingham and Grantham to showcase the latest hearing care developments and technology. GRANTHAM Wednesday 4th August, 10am to 5pm CARLTON Monday 9th August, 10am to 5pm Reserve your place for a free hearing assessment and […]

Easter opening

The Correct Hearing practices in Nottingham and Grantham will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!  

Hearing and chocolate

Chocolate and hearing

  It looks like we’ll all be tucking in to lots of chocolate over the Easter weekend – Easter egg sales have rocketed this year by 50 per cent. After the year we’ve had, we certainly deserve a treat – and what’s more indulgent than chocolate? But did you know that dark chocolate particularly could […]

More evidence of Covid’s link with tinnitus

Published 24 March 2021 Tinnitus and other auditory issues are “strongly associated” with Covid-19 according to a systematic review of research evidence. In the first few months of the pandemic, a rapid review of Covid and hearing difficulties revealed a possible link between the virus and audio-vestibular symptoms (hearing loss, tinnitus and vertigo). However, both […]

Happy World Hearing Day 2021!

Every year, the third of March is World Hearing Day. It’s an initiative from the World Health Organisation and a global call for action to address hearing loss, particularly in developing countries. And it’s something we’re huge supporters of. World Hearing Day messages The key messages for the public in this year’s campaign are: Good […]

Hearing care at every step of the roadmap


  On 22 February the Government set out its roadmap that will hopefully – if all goes to plan – lead to all Covid restrictions being lifted in England by 21 June. The plan has a number of steps: 8 March: all children back to school 29 March: six people (or two households) allowed to […]

Hearing loss and the pandemic

PUBLISHED 27 JANUARY 2021 A new study in the US has shown the additional impact of the pandemic on those with a hearing loss. Ninety-five percent of people living with hearing loss in the States say masks and facial coverings impact their ability to communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has also heightened levels of […]

Whatever the tier, we’re here for you

We’re OPEN for you whatever tier of restrictions we’re in. Right at the start of the pandemic, community hearing care services like Correct Hearing were classed as an essential service by the UK Government. When the second national lockdown came into force, this didn’t change. And it didn’t change when tiered restrictions returned early in […]